emoji pop answers level 2

Emoji Pop Answers Level 2

By mdesigner125, July 17, 2013

Congratulations! You made it through the first section and now you’re ready for some new puzzles. Here you will find the solutions and cheats for questions 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24. Are you ready to test your brain and solve some more challenges? Below are the Emoji Pop answers and cheats for level 2, questions 10-24. To reveal the solution, just find the puzzle you are stuck on and click or touch the “plus” sign next to the appropriate number to reveal the solution.

Tip: After you have answered a question, be prepared to dive right into the next one. Each level has its own timer and the clock starts running the second you see a new puzzle for the first time. Answering correctly in under 10 seconds will earn you bonuses such as free letters or the elimination of a useless letter from the available options below the emojis.

Are you getting lost? Be sure to match up the description of the Emoji series you see on your screen with the item in the walkthrough. The publisher has released several versions of the game and the order of the questions does change from time to time. Always rely on the descriptions for the best results. You can use the search box in the sidebar to help you quickly find what you need.

Level 2 – 10

  • Description: Baby, shower, confetti, party
  • A: Baby shower


Level 2 – 11

  • Description: Woman in a red dress dancing (girl) and queen wearing a crown
  • A: Dancing Queen


Level 2 – 12

  • Description: Four faces (people) – man with mustache, woman with brown hair, boy and girl
  • A: Family


Level 2 – 13

  • Description: Banana, boat
  • A: Banana boat


Level 2 – 14

  • Description: Black spider, man
  • A: Spiderman


Level 2 – 15

  • Description: Red, white, blue flag, fries
  • A: French Fries


Level 2 – 16

  • Description: Cow and bell
  • A: Cowbell


Level 2 – 17

  • Description: Piece of candy and apple
  • A: Candy Apple


Level 2 – 18

  • Description: Cat and woman (girl)
  • A: Catwoman


Level 2 – 19

  • Description: Spaghetti, hands, and a heart (pray or clap)
  • A: Eat, Pray, Love


Level 2 – 20

  • Description: Woman wearing a crown, bumble bee
  • A: Queen Bee


Level 2 – 21

  • Description: Black movie camera and a star (gold)
  • A: Movie Star


Level 2 – 22

  • Description: Santa and tree (santa and Christmas tree)
  • A: Christmas


Level 2 – 23

  • Description: Pig, bank, money (piggy bank, building, dollar sign
  • A: Piggy Bank


Level 2 -24

  • Description: Flag, horse, dancer, music notes (Japanese flag, horse, lady, music)
  • A: Gangnam Style

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